Gouvernance Oncodesign Philippe Genne

Philippe Genne – Chairman and CEO

After gaining a PhD in pharmacology from the University of Dijon, Philippe Genne began his scientific career as a project leader at Debiopharm where he oversaw a clinical development program related to multi-drug resistance inhibitors. He also worked as a research associate at Glaxo-Welcome.

His preclinical research experience in oncology also encompasses phase I and phase II clinical trials in conjunction with Inserm. In 1995, he founded Oncodesign in Dijon. Over the past 18 years, he has earned a reputation as a serial entrepreneur in life sciences. As well as being Chairman of Oncodesign, a company specialized in the discovery of new therapies and European leader in the preclinical evaluation of anti-cancer therapies, he is also Chairman of the Pharmimage platform, which he set up in 2008. Philippe Genne is well known for his activities right across the life sciences value chain. In 2012, he helped set up the French association of life sciences service and innovation companies (AFSSI). He is the Vice-President of the SMEs College at Medicen.

Gouvernance Oncodesign jan hoflack

Jan Hoflack – Chief Scientific and Operating Officer

Jan Hoflack obtained a PhD in organic chemistry from the University of Ghent in Belgium before gaining solid experience and taking on executive positions at AstraZeneca in Gothenburg (Sweden), Novartis in Basel (Switzerland), and Marion Merrell Dow in Strasbourg (France). He was then appointed Vice President, Medicinal Chemistry and Biosciences at Johnson and Johnson Pharmaceutical R&D (Janssen) in Beerse (Belgium). He joined Oncodesign in 2009 as an Associate and Chief Scientific Officer and was tasked with setting up and developing the Drug Discovery business unit. Drawing on his 30 years of R&D experience, including 22 years in the pharmaceutical sector, Jan also devised the Nanocyclix chemistry technology that has provided access to next-generation kinase inhibitors.

Gouvernance Oncodesign Viviani Fabrice

Fabrice Viviani – Head of the Experimentation Division

Fabrice Viviani holds a PhD in organic chemistry and an MA in biology from Pierre-and-Marie-Curie University (UPMC). He started his career as a biologist and was responsible for research project and clinical teams in infectiology, before turning his attention to oncology research at Aventis’ oncology therapy department. He was then appointed Sanofi-Aventis’ Vice President for R&D, having managed several departments (medicinal chemistry and biology for exploratory research and internal medicine, early-to-candidate DPU). At GSK he took charge of the discovery biology group at the François Hyafil research center. To date, he has been involved in discovering and developing over 20 preclinical and clinical drug candidates.

Gouvernance Oncodesign Alexis Denis

Alexis Denis – Head of the Discovery Division

Alexis Denis was awarded a PhD in organic chemistry, and has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for close to 30 years (Aventis, Pfizer, Mutabilis, GSK), first as a Drug Discovery project leader, then as Head of the Medicinal Chemistry department. He has held this position for the past 8 years at the François Hyafil research center in Les Ulis. In addition to medicinal chemistry, his areas of drug discovery expertise include rational drug design, all discovery phases from hit to candidate, natural products, DMPKs, kinases, proteases, and boron derivatives in medicinal chemistry. Throughout his career, he has been involved in the development of 8 drug candidates, 4 phase I NCEs and 1 new antibiotic—Telithromycin.

Gouvernance Oncodesign Xavier Morge

Xavier Morge – Chief of Business Development and Marketing

After completing his PhD in pharmaceuticals, plus a DESS postgraduate diploma in the pharmacokinetics of drug metabolism (Paris XI University) and a diploma at CESAM (French center for the teaching of statistics in medicine and medical biology), Xavier Morge’s career began in 1998 as a research engineer at the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA). In the meantime, he co-founded SPI-Bio. After a degress in Business Management (IAE Paris), he took over as Chief Executive Officer in 1996. He kept this role when SPI-Bio joined Bertin Technologies, then Bertin Pharma in 2010 as part of the strategy of organic growth and acquisitions that he pursued. Bertin pharma, with €16M of revenues and over 130 employees, was an independent leading CRO in Europe. He is very active within the R&D ecosystem and was involved in setting up the AFSSI, and is currently its Chairman. He also sits on the Board of Directors of the Medicen competitiveness hub and is a member of the French Academy of Pharmacy.

Gouvernance Oncodesign Thierry Billoué

Thierry Billoué – Head of Human Resources

Thierry Billoué has over 20 years’ professional experience to his name and has worked in a variety of business sectors, including automotive, consumer electronics, IT services and IT security. He has supported mid-sized businesses (60 - 750 employees, revenue of €10 million-€150 million) pursuing a strategy of far-reaching transformation (exponential growth, business creation, turnaround phase, etc.). Today Thierry has responsibility for the organizational and human resources aspects of Oncodesign’s transformation as part of its development and growth strategy. He believes that all organizations, and all employees, are capable of transforming themselves and embracing change provided that they understand the reasons behind it, so that they strive for and effect this change themselves.”

Gouvernance Oncodesign Arnaud Lafforgue

Arnaud Lafforgue – Chief Financial and Administrative Officer

Arnaud Lafforgue has close to 20 years’ experience in consulting and management roles in both financial and operational functions. During his past nine years with Grant Thornton, his duties have included being Head of Transaction Services responsible for the Operational Deal Services offering. In this role, he supported various businesses and investment funds with their divestments, acquisitions, reorganizations and post-acquisition integrations. He also led a number of information system overhaul projects and complex reorganization projects in France and further afield – including in Morocco and the United Kingdom. Arnaud Lafforgue graduated from the EM-Lyon business school and holds a master’s degree in management from the University of Paris X. His career began as an organizational consultant with Arthur Andersen, and he then joined Kroll Talbot Hughes, a specialist in operational and financial corporate restructuring.