[Congress] R&D series EU - 11-12 June - Berlin - Germany

[Congrès] R&D series EU – 11-12 Juin – Berlin - Allemagne  

Oncodesign is proud to be a sponsor of the R&D Europe Series!
Come listen to Dr. Alexis Denis and explore Nanocyclix, a technology based on the macrocyclization of small Lead-like molecules.

[TALK] to figure out how we can support you in your drug development!

Speaker: Alexis Denis, Head of Discovery, will talk about the Nanocyclix platform!

When: 12th June, 2019 - 9.00 am
Track: Discovery chemistry & drug design congress
Stream: Medicinal chemistry and drug design: novel approaches

Title: Make it cyclic: A paradigm for the discovery of selective kinases inhibitors “Nanocyclix”

"Cyclization in drug discovery is a growing paradigm. We have developed an Integrated Drug Discovery platform Nanocyclix to synthesize small libraries of macrocycles and design specific molecules through SBDD to identify new kinases inhibitor. Nanocyclix molecule are in the drug-like space and display nM potencies and good selectivity across the kinome.  Nanocyclix paradigm will be exemplified at the level of H2L and beyond in Oncology and Immuno-inflammation to illustrate the value and potential of the cyclization approach."

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[Congress] World Preclinical Congress - 17-20 June - Boston - USA

[Congrès] World Preclinical Congress – 17-20 Juin– Boston 

Come meet Scott Barksdale, Business Account Manager to explore Oncodesign’s in vitro & in vivo pharmacology services during the WPC, part of World Pharma Week in Boston.
Schedule a meeting to discuss your project and investigate how Oncodesign can support your pipeline!

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[Congress] Bioheterocycles 2019 - 17-20 June - Ghent - Belgium

[Congress] Bioheterocycles 2019 – 17-20 June– Ghent 

Come meet Petra Blom, Drug Discovery Program Director at Oncodesign during the International Conference on Heterocycles in Bioorganic Chemistry to discover our Nanocyclix pipeline of next generation macrocyclic kinase inhibitors.
Find out about our capabilities to support you  in your drug discovery programs.

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[Congress] #SNMMI19 Annual Meeting – 22-25 June– California

Web SNMMI2019 

Meet Scott Barksdale during the SNMMI Annual Meeting to explore our multi-modal pharmaco-Imaging and targeted radiotherapy expertise for your preclinical projects.

  • Design & implementation of the radionuclide labeling of your chemical or biological molecules of interest
  • Biodistribution of therapeutic drugs using non-invasive techniques
  • Development of translational #nuclearmedicine #biomarkers
  • Evaluation of targeted radiotherapy efficacy

Moreover, Oncodesign can help leverage your preclinical targeted  #radiotherapy program!
Our experts can manage a complete  #preclinical targeted radiopharmaceuticals project, including combination studies with  #DNA damage inhibitor or #Immune_checkpoint  #inhibitors!
We offer cutting-edge technology & cross expertise with other therapies and models. .

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