[Congress] European Association of Nuclear Medicine Annual Meeting - 12-16 October - Barcelona - Spain

EANM 2019 Oncodesign

Oncodesign participates for the first time with its partner Chematech at the annual conference of the EANM!

This is the opportunity to present our offer on the pre-clinical evaluation of your targeted radiotherapy: a unique combination of our skills in radiochemistry and in vivo pharmaco-imaging.

Come and discover this offer on our [Stand 34]. Cyril Berthet, Director of the Pharmaco-Imaging Unit, and Emilie Soulier, Sales Manager, will welcome you to discuss your imaging projects.

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[Press Release] First-half 2019 results


[Symposium] Innovative & integrated solution providers in translational research to develop immunotherapies - 30 September - Paris - France

Web Symposium

The development of immunotherapies faces major challenges such as the inability to predict treatment efficacy and patient response; the need for additional biomarkers; the development of resistance to immunotherapies; the lack of translational tools; the optimization of clinical study designs thanks to precision medicine.

Therefore, expected innovations should include more targeted treatments, the development of personalized biomarker profiles, drug combination therapies to improve efficacy and reduce toxicity.

Open innovation can be tapped and used to open up the necessary and expected innovations thanks to the cross-linking of knowledge and know-how from both Pharma or Biotech industries and external innovation partners.

Within this framework, Oncodesign has built up a network of key partners (Cynbiose, CERB & Aepodia & PharmaLex) convinced that these complex developments require the use of a collaborative and creative research organizations network permitting Pharma or Biotech companies to manage innovative projects from discovery stage to clinical trials. We bring together technological platforms, skills and knowledge, ability to set up an appropriate project governance structure within a comprehensive view of the immunotherapy development process.

The aim of this symposium is to address the current trends in Immunotherapies discovery & development from an academic, industrial and regulatory affairs point of view. It will also allow to depict how collaborative research organizations can bring their added values within this context.


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[Congress] World Molecular Imaging Conference – 4-7 September - Montreal - Canada

World Molecular Imaging Conference – 4-7 Septembre - Montreal  

Explore our multi-modal pharmaco-imaging & targeted radiotherapy expertise for your preclinical projects:

  • Design & implementation of the radionuclide labeling of your chemical or biological molecules of interest
  • Biodistribution of therapeutic drugs using non-invasive techniques
  • Development of translational nuclear medicine biomarkers
  • Evaluation of targeted radiotherapy efficacy

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