[Congress] 2019 Drug Discovery Chemistry - 8-12 April - San Diego - USA

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2019 Drug Discovery Chemistry-  8-12 Avril 2019 - San Diego


Alexis Denis, Head of Discovery, will talk about Nanocyclix platform!

When: 10th April, 2019 - 8.35 am - Stream Kinase Inhibitor Chemistry

Make it cyclic: A paradigm for the discovery of selective kinases inhibitors “Nanocyclix”

"Cyclization in drug discovery is a growing paradigm. We have developed an Integrated Drug Discovery platform Nanocyclix to synthesize small libraries of macrocycles and design specific molecules through SBDD to identify new kinases inhibitor. Nanocyclix molecule are in the drug-like space and display nM potencies and good selectivity across the kinome.  Nanocyclix paradigm will be exemplified at the level of H2L and beyond in Oncology and Immuno-inflammation to illustrate the value and potential of the cyclization approach."


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