2004 - Magnetic resonance imaging of blood volume and vessel size index in a panel of glioma models in rats for the evaluation of a BCNU treatment sensitivity

B. van der Sandena, O. Duchampb, L. Lamallea, N. Justb, Z. Housnia,

N. Guilbaudb, P. Genneb and C. Rémya
aINSERM U594, bOncodesign


2004 - Validation of tumor bearing Nude rats as a model to study anticancer drug pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) relationships

F. Bichat, O. Duchamp, N. Hoffmann, A. Bataille, J. Eon, V. Bari, N. Narboux,

N. Guilbaud and P. Genne


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