2007 - Single, law dose treatment of lymphoma and renal cancer xenografts with human anti-CD70 antibody-toxin conjugates, results in long term cures

J.A. Terretta, S. Gangwara, C. Rao-Naika, C. Pana, V. Guerlavaisa, M. Huberta, C. Chonga, L. Greena, P. Cardarellia, D. Kinga, S. Deshpandea, V. Rangana, M. Cocciaa, L. Lua, D. Passmorea, D. Blansetta, R. Daia, B. Sufia, Q. Zhanga, L. Chena, C. Soderberga, E. Kwoka, K. Horgana, O. Corteza, P. Sattaria, M. Srinivisana, F. Bichatb and J.F. Mirjoletb

aMedarex, bOncodesign


2007 - Identification by systematic in situ hybridization screen on medaka embryos of new genes as targets for anti-cancer therapy

G. Serina, V. Thermesb, F. Vincenta, J. Wittbrodtc, J.S. Jolyb and P. Gennea

aOncodesign, bINRA/CNRS, cEMBL


2007 - Disseminated human hematological malignancies xenografted in athymic mice dedicated to targeted therapies evaluation

J.F. Mirjoleta; M. Hillairet de Boisferona; O. Duchampa; F. Bichata; M. Manfredib and P. Gennea

aOncodesign, bMillenium Pharmaceuticals Inc.


2007 - Anticancer activity of Mycobacterial Cell wall-DNA Complex (MCC) in a model of rat colon cancer peritoneal carcinomatosis

M.Filiona, O. Raguinb, C. Mignardb, B. Filiona, F. Bichatb and N. Phillipsa

aBioniche Life Sciences Inc., bOncodesign


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