2008 - Evaluation of tumor response to carmustine and sorafenib with magnetic resonance imaging in an orthotopic human glioblastoma model xenografted in nude rats

B. Lemassona,b,c, T. Christenb,c, X. Tizona, R. Farionb,c, E. Barbierb,c, C. Segebarthb,c, P. Gennea, C. Remyb,c, and O. Duchampa

aOncodesign, bINSERM U836, cUniversité Joseph Fourier


2008 - Optimization of engraftment of human NK cells in NOD-SCID mice

S. Dall'Ozzoa, P. Antoniwa, J.F. Mirjoletb and F. Bichatb

aUCB, bOncodesign


2008 - Mechanism of action of a human anti-CD70 antibody-MGBA conjugate and efficacy in a nude rat model of renal carcinoma

D.J. Kinga, J. Terretta, C. Pana, C. Raoa, P.M. Cardarellia, S. Deshpandea, V. Rangana, D. Passmorea, J. Sunga, L. Greena, C. Chonga, E. Kwoka, O. Corteza, V. Guerlavaisa, A. Zhanga, L. Chena, B. Sufia, C. Conga, M. Hubera, P. Sattaria, K. Vemuria, J.F. Mirjoletb, F. Bichatb and S. Gangwara

aMedarex Inc., bOncodesign


2008 - Evaluation of early response to temozolomide and radiotherapy with magnetic resonance imaging and proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy in human glioma models in nude rats

P. Walkera, X. Tizonb, S. Parfaita, J. Miterana, G. Crehangec, P. Maingonc, N. Hoffmanb, P. Genneb and O. Duchampb

aLe2i/CNRS 5158, bOncodesign, cCGFL


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